Australia’s remote health workers equipped with Ebola fighting skills

by Belmore Nurses     Posted on 07 January 2015

It’s an established fact that clinicians who practice in the specialty of remote and isolated health in Australia, have the skills, knowledge and aptitude that International Humanitarian Organisations are looking for when recruiting their volunteers.

In a media release issued by CRANAPlus, a membership based advocate for health professionals working in the remote sector of Australia, it is explained how humanitarians in remote health and International developments share a drive to pursue social justice, a desire for equity, a dedication to the principles of comprehensive primary health care and a preparedness to work in challenging, isolated, resource poor environments.

Unsurprisingly, Australian remote health workers are at the forefront in battling the current Ebola crisis. Kim Izon, a nurse from Darwin in the Northern Territory and a volunteer in the fight against Ebola, talks about how she feels her certain skill set would be most useful and how her passion to help communities that may not be as well off in terms of monetary, health or location will make a big difference.

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