Nurse Features

#NurseFeatures - Steve B - Registered Nurse

As all Nurses know, nursing is nothing like Hollywood would have us believe it to be. Rarely does a television show or a movie accurately portray Nurses. While it may make for decent television, it does not represent the many “Real” life and death experiences Nurses have.

As an Agency Nurse for Belmore, my experiences and realities can (and do!) and HAVE changed regularly.

From night shift supervisor in a small country hospital or maybe in charge of 20+ staff and 150 residents, or even in charge of Accident & Emergency in a busy rural setting, Belmore Nursing Agency has given me and others, some wonderful challenges and experiences enabling ongoing broadening of our own horizons.

Being an employee of Belmore Nursing Agency has allowed me to be flexible with my career allowing me to choose what shifts I want to work and where I want to work them. Nursing for Belmore has offered me the control over my own schedules and assignments, which in turn have allowed me to focus more on patient and client care, than on facility politics.

In a nutshell, working as an agency Nurse can be an extremely rewarding career. As with any career choice however, you need to undertake your own person review ascertaining if it “is” or “might” be right for you as an individual.